Creative Process(ing) 1

I am unsure where in my writing this blog will lead, so I will probably analyze every little detail.

Last Friday’s posts prompted two creative pieces: A written piece, and an artistic sketch. The written piece turned into a Fact Sheet about the Distemper virus, and the importance of vaccinating our puppies. I decided to write about it because in discussing my puppy’s condition with an acquaintance, she did not know anything about Distemper. This, of course, got me to thinking: “… well, if she doesn’t know what this disease is, I wonder how many children do not know about these viruses, and the importance of vaccinating their pets…” Although the information is out there, I began putting it together in a small chapbook about the different puppy viruses, and vaccinations. The artwork on each page will be very simple.

My second piece, an artistic sketch of a vintage airplane (Amelia’s), is very rough at the present time. I do not possess a gift for drawing, so I am trying to teach myself (the purchase of clip art could get very expensive, if I incorporate a lot of it into my work). I will spend the day working on my sketch and I will post it later today.Amelia's airplane sketch Amelia’s Solo Flight

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