Creative Process(ing)2

…And so, I spent the past week thinking about Amelia, my little stick pup creation… I wondered if she, like the characters in my creative fiction writing, was a product of My imagination, or a product of her very own self-creation, using me as a medium… our world being such a mysterious place and all. In writing prose, it seems that the little characters always take on a “life of their own”, though I do help to give them their start on a page. (Come to think about it… my poems do the same thing, wandering about, here and there, headed off in their own specific directions… Hmmm… ) Well, so, anyway, I did a bit of research on the subject of unusual, unique, and whimsical “characters”. This led me, of course, to two of the most famous character creators: Dr. Suess, and Charles Schulz. I was trying to find their inspirations for the wonderful characters that they have brought to life. However, the only thing that was specifically written on the subject was this: RE: Charlie Brown: “… a character developed from some of the painful experiences of Schultz’s formative years…” So, I now wonder about his whole other cast of characters…

Then, there’s Dr. Suess… wonderful, wonderful, quirky, delightful… How on Earth did these characters come to be… ?!?

You know, I suppose it doesn’t really matter… they are here… in my heart and in my mind…
And, in viewing some of the stories/sketches of fellow bloggers, I wonder, “Have your “characters” come to life for you?”

For the past several days, Amelia has asked for eyes… she wants to have a look around. I guess, unlike me, she Knows where we’re going… 🙂 !!

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