I absolutely adored the idea of creating a children’s book about a caterpillar putting on its shoes. So, there was no talking myself out of it. Little Johnni, however, gave me pause… Now, she is only three years grown, yet she is already doubtful of such a sight. That’s okay. Hmmm… what to do? First, I needed to really think about my audience. Johnni is very artistic; she loves to draw, paint and color with her Mom, brother, and sister. Last night, half-asleep, an idea took shape. My solution: a lovely picture book; Theme: Counting Numbers, or in this case, shoes. I am happy with this idea. Today, I will spend time sketching caterpillars and tiny, colorful shoes… How Fun is that?!

NOTE: I hope to take a formal Children’s Picture Book writing class some day… these ideas/creations can then be further developed.

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