Creative Process(ing) 4

Well, I have learned that drawing and sketching do not come easily for me. I will just have to live with that fact, and not let it deter me from my creative vision. Besides, that is why children’s book publishers have illustrators on staff, right? Okay, so… given that, I went through the files in Wiki and selected images of various caterpillars. Keeping their shoes in mind, I also started imagining little quips they might think/speak in the course of a day… Also, too, I needed to keep my original book theme, Counting Shoes, in mind. While that is simmering in my mind, though, I want to post these adorable pics with captions… I’m thinking that I may have to start a separate page for them… we shall see… Yes… a separate page I must start… first, tho, I need to learn how to do that… 🙂

Searching for their origami slippers

Babies searching for their origami slippers

Photo by Gilles San Martin, CrCommAttrb-SA

Baby booties

Origami Baby Booties

By Ancella Simoes, CrCommAttrb-SA

4 thoughts on “Creative Process(ing) 4

  1. Yes, I’m so glad you have an open heart on the topic but also…maybe you can do it…maybe it’s a different media that is asking you to play…paint perhaps or even cutting out the caterpillar in shapes of different colored paper- or printed paper…maybe magazine pictures and then collage them together? That might be fun…it’s something that I’ve been thinking of doing to make butterflies. Then maybe the background could be a simple watercolor landscape? Just ideas… 🙂

    I love your positive attitude and your creative outlook, Hen. Hugs!


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