Creative Process(ing) 5

I am feeling a bit rushed today, as I am currently participating in NaPoWriMo, and it is taking more time than I had anticipated. That’s okay. So, today… I am editing only one of my images on my Caterpillar Page. It is the first image with the Sister/Brother caterpillars walking along a leaf– Adorable! — I have selected Chuck Taylors sneakers for them to wear. Of course big sister wants to wear the cool, black CTs. Little brother Must wear the red ones, in case his family needs to find him when he gets lost in the garden with the Gnomes. Hmmm… even though this is to be a picture book with a Numbers/Counting theme, a more elaborate plot may be starting to form… This is good… Well, I must leave it right there for now… my mind has moved on to Gnomes…

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