Creative Process(ing) 6

I am learning that it is somewhat distressing to post an unsatisfactory artistic attempt. As my own worst critic, I have spent the past week worrying about not having enough time to sit uninterrupted with my images for this blog. Last week, I made a quick attempt to rearrange the images. Yikes!! I have found that juxtaposing tiny creatures from the natural world with large, clunky, man-made objects has disturbed my sense of balance and beauty. While I still favor the idea of my little caterpillars wearing certain shoes for their activities, I have decided that I need to place the shoes on a separate page; a simple reminder of who is wearing what shoes. I will reference the page, as needed. Currently, I am enjoying the way the little guys are starting to dialogue… I think that I will open my ears this weekend and let them continue to talk to me… the little sweeties ❤ !!

New Friend

New Friend, I like it when you talk to me

by Brocken Inaglory, CC-SA-

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