Creative Process(ing) 17

This week, I tried to reverse the order of my Creative Writing assignments (Picture Book writing/lessons first, then poetry/photography work). It didn’t work very well because I kept worrying about the daily deadline that I had given to myself for the Poem-A-Day Summer Camp. Therefore, beginning on Tuesday, I wrote my poems first. My work flowed much better without the stress and worry.
This week’s Picture Book lesson was Narrative Voice. I spent time rewriting parts of my story in different Point-of-View (POV) voices. I really enjoyed this exercise because it allowed me to expand my story…some of my characters had more to say than others 😀 ! I will continue working with different POV voices next week.

5 thoughts on “Creative Process(ing) 17

  1. I can totally relate – if I don’t write first the day does NOT go nearly as smoothly…the weight of needing to write does not settle down to concentrate on much of anything else! 😉

    Awesome exercise, Hen, for the POVs! 🙂


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