Creative Process(ing) 21

After rereading two great novels this summer, I have been inspired to take my picture book story to a new level. Instead of relying on memory alone, I am doing a bit more research into the life cycles of various caterpillar/butterfly/moths. Between that and different POV voice rewrites, my work is slowly moving forward.

NOTE: I hand scribe all of my writing. I then type a draft on an electric typewriter (I know, I know {crazy}!!) In the past, when I was enrolled in formal creative writing courses, I would use my Word document (without Internet) files to finish my work and (snail mail) send it in. However, in recent years, the Windows 7 Word program seems more complex with everything going “on line”, so that I don’t have that same sense of privacy. Rather, it always “feels” like strangers are reading my work, “over my shoulder”, before I am ready for it to be read. For this reason, I type my documents the old-fashioned way and literally cut-and-paste paragraphs together. It is very tedious and time-consuming, but it gives me such a sense of freedom and privacy that this is how I will continue to piece my manuscript together, until it is finished. Perhaps, when I enroll in a formal Picture Book Writing class, I will feel differently.

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