Creative Process(ing) 42

Revision:  The next chapter of my textbook took me right back to rhythm. It was a week of studying poetic form and again thinking about various tools.

As I read these pages and supplemented with other textbooks, The Sounds of Poetry and Writing Metrical Poetry (William Baer), slept on the words, and then worked with them again each morning, “the light bulb started to go on”. I was reminded of a first year Algebra teacher who used to say: “…you just have to keep showing up, and doing all of the homework…” 🙂  I was also able to appreciate Mr. Pinsky’s statement: “…a mental process like such an exercise–being aware of how a thing is done, and appreciating more by noticing more—is the goal of this book.”

I have taken the list of recommended readings and have ordered some of the books of poetry from my local library and from Amazon (amazing prices… one book cost $.01, another, $1.99, plus shipping $3.99) 😀 !! I will spend time reading them <3.

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